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Elam School of Fine Arts, National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries, Postgraduate Diploma of Fine Arts
National Youth Awards Waikato Society of Arts, Merit Award Recipient for 'Kiosco arte d'magia', 2023


Ink on Paper & Felt. Hand Silk-Screen Printed.

This research delves into the dynamic relationship between vision, memory and meaning through a phenomenological approach to cultural encounters, street culture and the urban environment.1 Street culture is characterised by its ever-changing nature, reflecting the prevailing energy of the time. The buildings, streets and cities also store our memories, being spaces of connectivity, where we live and leave our traces behind. Similar to memory, graffiti is fugitive. 

The patterns in my inner world shape the lens through which I see the world. The external environment influences and informs this internal lens. By analyzing impressions of the past, and recollecting the sensations experienced in each moment, meaning emerges. Through intimate depictions of the street, the juxtaposition of inner world patterns and the external world emphasizes the interaction between the self and its surroundings, connecting memory and imagination.

In the exploration of ideas concerning transience, my research combines ink as a methodology for accessing memory, with soft material sculptures that allude to an emotional exploration of the ephemeral nature of a moment in time. By capturing fleeting experiences that perhaps only occupy physical space for a matter of seconds, these moments of time become fixed. As the image moves from film to ink and onto the substrate a transformation of memory occurs.

Within the perceived sensations of each captured moment, the essence of human experience radiates an aura, unveiling the ‘energy’ or ‘air’ of that time. Colours possess radiant forces, evident in the symmetry of these forces. By selecting combinations of colour that blend without sharp contrast, vivid harmonies can be created. By stripping each piece of its original colour, the present representation of the moment becomes detached from its past. Within each intricate detail lies hidden knowledge that can unveil a deeper understanding of the social tapestry woven within each culture.
1. Phenomenology refers to lived experience, placing emphasis on the subjective conscious experience of reality through our senses.

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