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Elam School of Fine Arts, National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries, Tāmaki Makaurau, 2023
National Painting and Printmaking Awards WSA, 2023

I seek to consider pattern as a way of reading the world around us. Pattern establishes a visual narrative that we can see in nature, philosophy and medicine. It elicits psychophysiological effects, seen through the activation of sensory-motor, emotion and reward centres of the brain. Extending my drawing practice through ink, I have layered sequences searching to evoke the concept of rasa – a state of total absorption and emotional resonance. In joining this understanding of pattern in the form of a book, these publications present the viewer who reads the work with an opportunity to experience pattern visually, spatially and temporally navigating from page to page. In this sense, these publications become a story board for the evolution of pattern.

Monsters, Ink.

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